Examples and Case Models from New York Municipalities

Note: During the interviews we conducted, we noted a need for resources tailored towards smaller municipalities and communities less equipped to target zombie properties. While we intend to eventually build a page compiling such resources, this website currently contains information that is useful to municipalities of all sizes. You may find links to the laws that apply, links to webinars on foreclosure and zombie property prevention, and press releases announcing important local initiatives.

We welcome resources from smaller municipalities so that we can share helpful information. Please send us your own suggested materials at nyszombiesinitiative@wnylc.net

Resources available here include:

Draft Documents

Draft documents include sample notices, enforcement letters, and other legal documents used by municipalities.

Interview Findings

We've compiled and summarized our findings from interviews conducted with a cross-section of municipal leaders.

And More

Other available resources include sample local ordinances and resources tailored for different municipalities.